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California Republican Party
Republican Party of San Diego County
San Diego Union Tribune
La Prensa
Deputy City Attorney's Association
San Diego Asian Americans For Equality
Latino American Political Association
East County Chamber of Commerce (primary)
Kevin Faulconer, former Mayor of San Diego
Richard Bailey, Mayor of Coronado
John Minto, Mayor of Santee
Bill Wells, Mayor of El Cajon
County Supervisor Joel Anderson
Chris Cate, San Diego City Councilman
Jan Goldsmith, former San Diego City Attorney
Shelley Zimmerman, San Diego Chief of Police (Retired)
June Cutter, State Assembly Candidate, 2022
Amy Reichert, San Diego Board of Supervisors Candidate, 2022
Reverend Eddie Stewart, Church Leaders Network
Reverend Shane Harris, People's Assoc of Justice Advocates
Bishop Cornelius Bowser, SD Civil Rights Leader and C.A.S.T.
Family of Rebecca Zahau (Doug and Mary)
Dave Myers, Sheriff's Commander (Retired)
Chuck Battle, Sheriff's Sergeant (Retired)
Miguel Rosario, Chief, Bureau of Investigation, San Diego District Attorney's Office (Retired)
David Burton, Coordinator, East County Tea Party
Paul Lebidine, Brigidier General, United State Marine Corps (Retired)

Michael Giorgino, Commander, United States Naval Reserve (Retired)
Michael Lee, Colonel, United State Marine Corps (Retired)
Mark Coast, Colonel, United State Marine Corps Reserve (Retired)

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